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Missouri hoops media day: On high tempo, freakish athleticism, and Michael Porter Jr.

Mizzou Basketball held a media availability today. Here are the highlights.


Opening thoughts

Cuonzo Martin says the returning #Mizzou players have done a great job leading his team with their play and vocally.

Martin says the competition will sort itself out so the best players will be able to play.

Martin says he tells his team not to be afraid to fail because it will help his team grow.

MPJ and Jontay

Martin says Michael Porter Jr. is both an aggressive scorer (but a smart shooter) and a willing passer. Not afraid to take the big shot too.

When asked about the last scholarship for 2017, Martin said "we're always recruiting." Couldn't comment on Jontay's reclassification.

He can’t comment on Jontay’s reclassification, but ... yeah, Jontay’s reclassifying.

Martin says he plans on having 16 guys on the #Mizzou team (including walk-ons), but has 15 now.

Martin says he was excited for Jeremiah Tilmon's commitment because of his talent and that he fills a need (the East STL part was a bonus).

Martin likes the Golden State Warriors' fast style of play and wants to that tempo to #Mizzou's offense and defense.

This is a bit of a surprise considering that, in nine seasons as a head coach, Martin has only once had a team that ranked higher than 200th in Ken Pomeroy’s tempo measure.

Odds and ends

Martin says Mitchell Smith is still rehabbing and can only jog on the floor right now.

Martin says he expects Kassius Robertson's shooting percentages to go up since he'll be more catch-and-shoot. Loves his shooting touch.

Better than the 41 percent that Robertson shot from 3-point range last year? Dang.

Martin says C.J. Roberts is an aggressive scorer and picking whether he plays PG or SG doesn't matter. Just as long as he can succeed.

The PG and SG positions will be pretty blurry at times this coming season.

Nice try, Mark

Cuonzo Martin wants two more games to fill out the #Mizzou non-conference schedule, one home and one away.

What you doing @KUHoops?

Uh huh.

Jordan Barnett video

Jordan Barnett says he and his returning #Mizzou teammates followed the basketball recruiting news just like us: on Twitter.

Jordan Barnett says Michael Porter Jr. doesn't have an ego and is a good teammate.

Terrence Phillips video

Terrence Phillips says there are no problems between the returning #Mizzou hoops players and the newcomers.

Terrence Phillips says the new #Mizzou basketball players have hit the ground running on the court since coming to Columbia.

Kevin Puryear video

Kevin Puryear: "I've always been proud to wear #Mizzou basketball stuff, but I'm more proud now than ever."

Kevin Puryear says this #Mizzou team's athleticism is gonna be "freakish."