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Eric Beisel stole the show, and other reactions from Missouri’s turn at SEC Media Days

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

On Wednesday it was Missouri’s opportunity to take the stage at SEC Media Days, and BOY, ARE THERE A LOT OF LINKS! Let’s get started.






from RockMNation

  • HE’S ON TV, YOU GUYS! Seriously though, great job by Ethan with his coverage. If you haven’t read everything yet, read it and follow him on twitter. He’s been killing it and he only has 329 followers? What is wrong with you people?!

A few thoughts of my own:

  • Beisel clearly stole the show, mainly because he’s incredibly quote worthy and embraces everything that is great about sports. He’s a trash talker and clearly stoked fires in Arkansas. My advice to Arkansas fans who are upset with Beisel: Get a different hobby. His ability to clearly have fun with what is mostly a mild rivalry and talk a little smack is fun. Have fun with it, in fact, I’d encourage an Arkansas player to step up and reciprocate. We need more of this silliness in College sports.
  • J’Mon Moore is an impressive young man, he’s thoughtful and engaging and clearly loves his school and his experience. If he’s also able to break out with his performance this season you could not ask for a better representative for the University than Moore.
  • As boring and full of coach speak as Barry Odom is he’s clearly a different guy than he was last year. Stability at the top certainly has to help, but there’s still a long season in front of him to show if he’s got what it takes to right the ship.
  • Also, this would be fine:

You may recall our own David Morrison did a series comparing Mizzou and Clemson:

Can Missouri pull a Clemson? Part 1: Off the field
Can Missouri pull a Clemson? Part 2: On the Trail
Can Missouri Pull a Clemson? Part 3: Between the Lines

Speaking of him, David’s back from vacation and will have diving into Missouri’s latest depth chart, expect that up later today.

More Links:

  • ** E X C I T E D **
  • In Greek this says Marcus Denmon agreed to a contract to play for one of the top teams in Europe, seriously look at this home crowd:

So the next time someone says ‘X’ team has the best home court advantage... if they don’t have things on fire there, they’re lying to you.

  • Jontay Porter threw a nice pass on the last possession but MoKan came up short in their Peach Jam opener:

If MoKan makes an early exit from Peach Jam it could mean we’ll hear something soon from Jontay on reclassification.