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Jontay Porter tells CBS it’s a “safe assumption” he will play for Missouri in 2017-18

The worst-kept secret in Columbia is ... even worse-kept now.

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There have been some slight ups and downs in the confidence level, but the general assumption at this site and among Mizzou fans as a whole has been the same for a while: Jontay Porter, a five-star post and 2018 Missouri commit, is probably going to announce his reclassification as a 2017 recruit and play with his brother, Michael Jr., as Tiger freshmen in 2017-18.

Jontay himself says that’s a pretty good assumption to make.

So I asked Jontay if that's a safe assumption.

"Yeah, for sure," he answered with a smile at the Nike Peach Jam event here on the Georgia-South Carolina border. "That's a safe assumption."

In other words, congratulations, Mizzou fans.

If you believe Vegas’ thinking about this team’s potential, then this is great news. Whatever Mizzou’s ceiling is — and the combination of last year’s miserable eight-win season and a monstrous influx of talent honestly makes it impossible to figure that out with confidence — it’s higher with Jontay in uniform. HIs size and defensive potential make him an immediate extra asset, and his passing and 3-point shooting ability give Missouri yet another difficult, positionless matchup for opponents.

Really, the only reason to hope for Jontay to remain part of the 2018 class is the thought that his presence could serve as a planet around which another great class would orbit. But Mizzou would still have few scholarships to give for the 2018 class at this point, and, well, it’s clearly an “All-in for 2017-18, and we’ll worry about everything else later” attitude at this point.

Damn, Mizzou’s roster is loaded.