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The SEC has far more QB experience than it did in 2016. That won’t hurt the league’s stature.

Here are three Missouri things for this sweltering Sunday...

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Missouri
Drew Lock
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

1. The SEC actually has QB experience this year

You could see it coming last year: everybody in the SEC had babies behind center.

  • Alabama almost won a national title with a true freshman.
  • Georgia and eventually South Carolina did the same (the “true freshman” part, not the “national title” part), and Ole Miss turned to a freshman late in the year.
  • Missouri, Auburn, Florida, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt began the season with sophomores.
  • Arkansas started a junior with minimal experience.

Funny what experience behind center will do to your (collective) offense, isn’t it?

Experience doesn’t automatically equal improvement, but all but two or three teams (depending on how you count them) return starters this year, and schools like Auburn and Florida have added high-profile transfers (Jarrett Stidham and Malik Zaire, respectively) as well. That could result in quite a change in stature for the conference this season.

This much is certain. There’s no lack for talent at the game’s most important position.

“The league’s going to have some guys that probably nationally will get some attention, and I think that’s very well deserved,” Missouri coach Barry Odom said. “There’s some guys in the league that you look, not just because they’ve got good physical skills, but now another year in their system with their coordinator and the experience factor, there will be some good quarterback play.” [...]

While SEC coaches still insist they hail from the country’s best conference, the pudding was missing the proof last year. Alabama was the only SEC school ranked in the top 12 of the final AP poll. The expectation is that the depth of talent at quarterback should help the overall quality of the league.

The SEC’s insecurity about the “best conference” thing is, honestly, pretty fun to watch sometimes, but in this case, I do figure the bump offenses will get from QB experience will allow the league to again more legitimately claim the mantel this year.

2. Verdis Brown chooses Florida State

Mizzou never had an amazing shot at the four-star offensive lineman from Chicago, but the Tigers were still in the running until Friday, when Brown chose the Noles.

Meanwhile, another big target is headed south ... to visit, at least.

3. Hey, Chase

I swear he makes like 12 trips to Columbia per year. Not that I’m complaining ... and not that I’d do any different if I were a local hero.

Daniel, who was a prep star at Southlake Carroll (Texas), initially signed with Washington in the NFL after going undrafted in 2009, but he spent his first four seasons with the New Orleans Saints.

He was a backup on New Orleans’ Super Bowl championship team and signed with the Chiefs in 2013, where he spent three seasons before following former Kansas City offensive coordinator Doug Pederson to Philadelphia last offseason.

Daniel, who was a Heisman Trophy finalist in 2007, re-signed with the Saints on March 29.

The Peach Jam’s over, Jontay ... you have any news for us?