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The people of Montgomery (Ala.) have noticed that Mizzou wants all of their recruits

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Back when Montgomery (Ala.) quarterback James Foster II committed to Missouri in mid-April, he said something that might end up as one of the primary drivers of the Tigers’ 2018 recruiting class:

Foster also grew up a Crimson Tide fan and received an Alabama offer recently, but according to an interview earlier this year, he said, “I’m not huge on staying in-state. I can go anywhere. I know a lot of kids in this state dream about offers from Auburn or Alabama, but I’m not huge on that.”

In the months that have followed, he’s attempted to help Mizzou find other prospects who feel the same way. Those efforts are paying off.

In the last week, Missouri has scored commitments from two other Montgomery prospects — Cameron Taylor and La’Dedric Jackson — and the efforts are not yet done. Mizzou and Foster are putting the full-court press on four-star offensive lineman Tank Jenkins, and four-star defensive tackle Alfred Thomas and three-star cornerback JaKorey Hawkins appear to remain options as well.

The folks in Montgomery have begun to notice. First, you’ve got a piece about it in the Montgomery Advertiser.

Taylor said Foster has a big impact on his commitment.

“Missouri’s a special place,” said Taylor, a Prattville transfer. “I knew that as soon as I got there. James was just like one of the coaches. He recruited me just as hard. We're just trying to get everybody on board.” [...]

“We want to go to somewhere and be different from the rest,” Foster said. “It was the same way when me and La’Dedric came to Lanier. We want to work our way up. I know that if we work for it, everything will pay off.”

Then you’ve got a piece on the local news:

Recruiting’s funny. Whatever the ceiling is for this Missouri recruiting class is dictated by getting Alabama prospects to believe they don’t need to stay in-state and that they would blossom further from home ... and getting Missouri prospects to believe the exact opposite.

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