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Mizzou is way behind on football commits, but that *should* change in July. Maybe. Possibly.

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

So that was weird. Camp season came and went without a single commitment for Mizzou Football. Under Gary Pinkel, we got used to seeing a new wave of offers going out in the June range, with at least a couple of commitments typically following. Instead, Mizzou remains with the same four commits — QB James Foster, WR Harry Ballard III, slot man Jalen Knox, and DB Tyrone Collins — that it had a month ago.

How much of a concern is this? We knew this class would be a slower go, in part because of the focus on the Tiger Ten Six, but with that dream slowly getting whittled away, shouldn’t the pace be picking up now, especially since we know that early commits tend to lead to higher-ranking classes?

PowerMizzou’s Gabe Dearmond took a detailed look at Mizzou’s commitment trends and the Tigers typically land recruits. The quick takeaway: July was actually the huge month for Mizzou last year (had four commits on July 1 and nine on August 1), and the first few years of the Pinkel era were slow in this regard, too. A very interesting breakdown overall. The big event for the Tigers last year was Night at the Zou, and it is taking shape to be equally important this time around.

More Links:

  • ABC 17 had a hell of a show last night. Interview with Max Scherzer? Check. L’Damian Washington feature with cameos from Jerrell Jackson and Michael Egnew? Check. Sunday sit-down with Triple Crown Karissa Schweizer? Check.
  • And speaking of L’Damian ... in case you missed it...

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