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Missouri was 30th on the USA Today revenue list for 2015-16 ... and 12th in the SEC. Guh.

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Yesterday was ... FINANCES DAY! USA Today’s annual look at NCAA revenue and expenses was released, and it probably makes sense that Mizzou’s rankings in both revenue (30th) and the Learfield Cup standings (33rd) were similar. That’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway.

It continues to be pretty incredible to step back and think about being 30th in the county in something ... and 12th in your own damn conference in that same thing. SEC teams took up six of the top 10 spots and 10 of the top 17. Among public schools, Mizzou would have been fourth in the Big 12 and ninth in the Big Ten.

Texas A&M led the league in revenue and ranked No. 1 nationally with $194,388,450, while Alabama spent the most on athletics in the SEC, $145,277,366. Vanderbilt, a private school, did not disclose its financial numbers for the report.

Missouri’s revenue was greater than all but three public schools from the Big 12: No. 2 Texas, No. 6 Oklahoma, No. 26 West Virginia.

Eight Big Ten public schools generated more revenue than Mizzou, just two Pac-12 public schools (No. 23 Oregon, No. 29 UCLA) and four ACC schools. Illinois was one spot behind MU in athletics revenue, making $96,249,500. Illinois ranked No. 27 in athletics spending at $102,912,910.

This is what Mizzou signed up for.

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