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Missouri’s Drew Lock: “If I see something’s wrong, I’m 100% sure that I know how to fix it.”

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

The week before the week before the season might be the most optimistic point in the entire offseason. Every team is wrapping up fall camp and getting ready for a game week. Every team has had freshman breakthroughs and happy developments. Every team is ready to prove the doubters wrong.

Even grading on a curve, though, this video from Mizzou Football is a straight shot of optimism to the veins.

"When you're confident, you can carry yourself different. Your body language is different, your communication is different, you've got the ability to control meeting rooms — in the offseason, he was running meetings with the outside and inside wide receivers." — Josh Heupel

"Coach Heupel's just got him a whole 'nother mindset." — Johnathon Johnson

“The last third of the season, our kids grasped what we were doing. They understood the level that you have to compete at, so we were much more consistent in that, and that gave us the ability to have some success. The trials and tribulations you go through early against some of the top teams in this league ... [Drew Lock] learned from it, we learned from it, and he was able to come out the other side of it and play really well down the stretch.” — Heupel

“That started with me being more of a quarterback, me knowing the offense to where, if I see something’s wrong, I’m 100 percent sure that I know how to fix it and why it was wrong.” — Drew Lock

Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s kick off today.

Oh, and here are some Scrimmage No. 2 highlights for you.

And here’s my appearance on KTGR’s The Big Show.

Monday was a slow news day, but between the first day of class and, more significantly, the eclipse, that was perhaps to be expected. The Trib had a piece on cornerback Logan Cheadle’s nice fall camp (Barry Odom: “If we played” now, “he’d be one of the starters.”)

By the way, it appears former Memphis linebacker Noah Robinson has joined Mizzou as a walk-on graduate transfer, at least according to both PowerMizzou’s Alex Schiffer and Robinson’s Twitter bio. He recorded 34 solo tackles, 16 assists, 2.5 tackles for loss and three breakups over 25 games in 2014 (under Barry Odom’s direction) and 2015 but missed most of 2016 with injury. One would assume he is not a major contributor for the Tigers considering how packed the two- three-deep is, but depth is depth.

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Memphis
Noah Robinson
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

More Links:

  • It wasn’t just Eclipse Day in Columbia yesterday — it was also the first day of class. Congrats if you got a Cuonzo donut.