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Best wishes to J’Mon Moore and all Mizzou athletes with families affected by Hurricane Harvey

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Houston is one of the most fertile football recruiting areas in the country, so even if you don’t personally have a connection to the city as it battles the effects of Hurricane Harvey, your favorite team probably does. Mizzou is no exception.

Six Missouri players are from Houston or the surrounding areas that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey, including star receiver J’Mon Moore, whose mother, Betty Jones-Moore, lives in Missouri City, Texas.

Her house has taken on some water, but as of Tuesday she wasn’t going anywhere.

“My mom was told to evacuate but she’s not leaving the house, so she’s just going to hold it down,” Moore said after Tuesday's practice. “They’re just fighting through it. I’ve got some friends going over and checking on my mom. It’s a good deal.”

Moore is the most prominent Mizzou player from the Houston area, but the others are defensive tackles Kobie Whiteside and Jordan Elliott, nickel Joshuah Bledsoe, walk-on linebacker Jairan Parker, and corner Terry Petry. Good luck to all of their families.

Hurricane Harvey is also threatening parts of Louisiana, where several other Mizzou players grew up.

“We’ve got seven or eight guys that either have direct family or relatives who are in a bad spot,” Odom said. “That’s something you’ve got to be very sensitive to and try to help them any way that you can. It’s such a catastrophic deal that you don’t have a lot of answers and just want to provide support for them in any way that you can.”

Mizzou Baseball and head coach Steve Bieser put together a package of Mizzou clothing to send down to Houston.

Meanwhile, Mizzou, which has over 700 Texans enrolled on campus, offered temporary housing to any storm victims in need. Natural disasters tend to bring out the helping side in people, but that area’s going to need help for quite a while.

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