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Missouri scored $1.2 million football/hoops donation. Jim Sterk remains a fundraising Obi-Wan.

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Yesterday’s biggest football news came from off the field. Actually, it came from TSF.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Less than 40 days after closing out the best fund-raising year in Mizzou Athletics history, the department kicked off the 2017-18 academic year by receiving an anonymous $1.2M gift to the Tiger Scholarship Fund (TSF) in support of the football and basketball programs, as well as future TSF initiatives.

"The generosity and passion that our donors have for Mizzou Athletics continues to amaze me, and our coaches and staff deeply appreciate the generosity of those who are stepping forward to help us enhance our programs" said Mizzou Director of Athletics Jim Sterk. "These transformational gifts allow us to provide the best possible academic and athletic experience for our more than 550 student-athletes who represent this great University."

An athletic director has a lot of hats to wear; at this point, we definitely know that Jim Sterk is a badass with the Fundraiser hat on. I guess receiving an anonymous gift through TSF was one of his easier wins, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little Obi-Wan mind control.

To actual, on-the-field links:

And speaking of that offensive line...

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