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Missouri’s Damarea Crockett expected to be fine after suffering bruised tailbone

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

There was exactly one piece of good news emanating from Missouri’s second-half performance against South Carolina: Damarea Crockett’s injury doesn’t appear to be serious. Crockett rushed only twice in the second half against the Gamecocks due to a bruised tailbone, but he should be fine.

Crockett went into the break with 91 yards on 16 carries. He only carried the ball two more times the rest of the game. He came out in the third quarter and did not return.

“Rex” Sharp “said he’s going to be OK. Wasn’t able to play in the second half. Should be back next week,” coach Barry Odom said. “Bruised tailbone, sounded like. Mine’s bruised, too. It’s called an ass-kicking.”

Obviously the weekend story line changed pretty significantly when Odom announced he was parting ways with Demontie Cross on Sunday evening. All the major Mizzou outlets have their post-mortems — Post-Dispatch, Trib, KC Star, PowerMizzou, Missourian — and you can read whichever of those you choose.

One line did stick out in the PM piece, though:

I’m not going to speculate about whether this was a philosophical thing, a personal differences thing, or whatever, but ... apparently there’s more to the story than we’ve heard just yet. Stay tuned, I guess.

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  • New PAPN! The first Sunday night episode of the season is up, though it’s mainly focused on the S&P+ top 30 ... which is to say, Mizzou did not come up. :(