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Barry Odom: “We're gonna be just good enough, if we do things right, to win a whole bunch of games.”

Barry Odom and other members of the Mizzou football staff and team met with the media today. Here’s some video.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Head coach Barry Odom

We've talked many times before ... we're gonna be just good enough, if we do things right, to win a whole bunch of games, and we're also gonna be just good enough, if we don't do things right, that we're not gonna win many. That's reality. We walk away from a game and we're minus-3 in the turnover margin, and you don't play very well in any special teams area, and you don't score in the red zone when you get down there, and you have inefficiencies offensively -- in dropped passes and not being able to convert on third downs -- and then defensively, not playing well enough to complement what we were doing offensively ... that's a recipe for what we got the other night.

I like my football team, and I like the direction that they've shown in the last 48 hours or whatever it's been since the game. We also need to realize the urgency of getting those things fixed ... we're kinda past due on that, and it's time to go do it.

Defensive line coach Brick Haley

On Purdue’s early offensive tendencies:

They're pretty balanced, they do a great job of counting the box and deciding whether they need to throw it or whether they need to run it. ... They try to take advantage of whatever weaknesses they can find, whether it's in the run game or it's in the pass game, so you never know which team you're gonna get. It depends on what you're given.

Defensive co-coordinator Ryan Walters

On Odom taking on more coaching duties in DeMontie Cross’ absence:

He's a great football mind, and he understands what it takes to be a great coach at multiple positions, and obviously his track record of coaching both the back end and linebacker position speaks for itself, and I think utilizing what he can do both on and off the field is special

Linebacker Cale Garrett

On Missouri’s defensive improvement from Week 1 to Week 2:

We definitely improved from Week 1 ... we did a lot better, even as a collective defense. ... But we know it's still not good enough.