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Any hope of a Missouri upset over Auburn starts with #DLineZou

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

The power of hype videos: Mizzou actually pulled off using footage from the Purdue game in this week’s Saturday trailer. I didn’t think it possible.

The RTs and likes from these hype videos the last three weeks:

  • 300+ and 650+ for South Carolina
  • 100+ and 350+ for Purdue
  • ...50+ and 150+ for Auburn

Hype videos do require at least a little bit of anticipation.

Looking for hope? Looks like Auburn beat writer Tom Green sees the same thing we do: it starts with Mizzou’s defensive front.

Q: What about Missouri could present an issue for Auburn?

A: Probably Missouri’s defensive line just because all of the issues Auburn has had up front on the offensive line this season breaking in two new starters at left guard and left tackle. A lot of Auburn coaches and players have talked about how formidable Missouri’s defensive line really is. If Auburn can’t get things figured out on the offensive line, it could be in for another long Saturday.

Olathe product Braden Smith is looking forward to returning (near) home, but it does seem like there’s a chance the Tiger defensive line is able to develop some traction. If the solution is, “That’s okay, we’ll just throw endless, successful quick passes instead,” though, that will only mean so much. And then there’s the whole matter of “Mizzou still has to score.”

“They’re a big bunch of dudes, really athletic,” Missouri offensive line coach Glen Elarbee said. “They don’t get out of gaps. Everything you say about a great defense they do.” [...]

Steele might have a secret weapon on staff for Saturday’s game. Secondary coach Greg Brown spent last season with Odom coaching the Mizzou cornerbacks. He unexpectedly left MU in January for the Auburn job. (Then again, Brown has coached for 18 college and professional teams since 1981, so it should never be a surprise when he skips town for another gig.) Brown should be familiar with Mizzou’s offensive and defensive systems heading into Saturday’s matchup.

Other Football Links:

More Links:

  • Mizzou Soccer’s first SEC road trip of the year turned pretty quickly. Mississippi State scored in the 17th and 22nd minutes, and while Mizzou got one back in the second half, the Bulldogs scored one last time and won, 3-1. Next up: Texas A&M back in Columbia.