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Remember how Missouri was renting out empty dorm rooms? It’s working out pretty well!

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.


Some positive news from the weekend: you remember that charming, resourceful “rent out empty dorm rooms as hotels” thing Mizzou was attempting this season? It hasn’t exactly raked in millions of dollars in revenue, but a) it’s brought in more than not doing it would have, and b) people seem to be enjoying it.

Staying in the dorm was an adventure for Auburn fans Susan Jernigan and Jeanette Mizerany this past weekend. They traveled to Memorial Stadium as part of their personal challenge to visit all of the Southeastern Conference stadiums and schools. Auburn won’t come to Mizzou for at least another 12 years, so this was their shot.

“I heard on the radio in Birmingham (Alabama) that (Mizzou) was doing this, so I called the number and tried to get a reservation,” Jernigan said. The longtime friends go on an adventure at each school they visit — staying in the dorms was their Mizzou adventure.


While graduation might happen, there won’t be dorm rental options for the much-anticipated basketball season.

Sommer said there are restrictions that come with the buildings, which were built on bonds, that limits the number of days that the space can be used for events that aren’t more directly related to the university, like a conference.

Well that was a foresight failure...

More Football Links

More Links:

  • As awful as Mizzou Volleyball started the season, the Tigers have begun conference play pretty well. They took a set from a very good Kentucky team on Wednesday, then took Texas A&M down in four sets on Sunday.
  • Mizzou Soccer brought a three-game win streak into the long weekend. The Tigers now have a two-game losing streak. Following Thursday’s 3-1 loss to MSU, they lost 5-1 to Texas A&M on an otherwise lovely evening at Walton Stadium. It was 2-1 after 60 minutes, and then ... things went south.