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Missouri’s Terez Hall on Tigers’ week 1 defense: “We might have taken Missouri State too light.”

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Mizzou defensive assistants and players spoke with the media on Wednesday and were pretty candid about the Tigers’ surprising (to them) struggles on D. Tramel Raggs was on hand to grab video, which you can see below.

I can’t decide whether this quote from Terez Hall is encouraging or mortifying.

After Tuesday’s practice, as the Tigers (1-0) prepared for Saturday’s 6 p.m. visit from South Carolina (1-0), several defensive players said Saturday’s effort reflected last week’s sluggish practices.

“Honestly, being real with you, our preparation to that moment and our Wednesday practice wasn’t fluid enough,” linebacker Terez Hall said. “We might have taken Missouri State too light. That falls back on me. I don’t care if I go hard, but if I’m not pushing my teammates harder, that means we didn’t prepare hard enough.”

On one hand, this is good — you play how you practice, and Mizzou is probably practicing more sharply this week with a ‘real’ game on deck.

On the other hand, HOW ARE YOU NOT UP AND FOCUSED FOR YOUR FIRST FOOTBALL GAME IN NINE MONTHS? I don’t care who the opponent is. It’s game week, your first chance in forever to prove something, and you have “sluggish practices” and a lack of effort?? As much as people want to attack the coaching here — and there’s certainly reason for such a thing — that’s on the players. If no one takes leadership on the defensive side of the ball, nothing’s going to change.

Ryan Walters

Demontie Cross

Demarkus Acy

Logan Cheadle

On the other side of the ball, more honors have rolled in. First, Damarea Crockett was named the top running back of the week by PFF.

Plus, Drew Lock was named SEC player of the week by the league office. It was just Missouri State, obviously, but Lock’s maturation has been obvious.

“He made a big jump and was more mature with his throws and more consistent, but that’s got to continue,” Odom said. “It was one week. He understands that. He’s got a great grasp of what we’re trying to do offensively and made some throws the other day that he wouldn’t have last year. … He’s growing up, and I expect him to continue to move in that direction.”

Missouri’s coaches particularly were impressed with a throwaway Lock had after his second read was covered, a pass he might have tried to force into coverage for a turnover during past seasons.

Two first-time offensive line starters — Trystan Castillo and Tre’vour Simms — impressed their teammates as well.

More video!

Damarea Crockett

Barry Odom

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