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So much has changed since Drew Lock made his first start against South Carolina 2 years ago

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Mizzou’s offense got the SEC Film Room treatment yesterday if such a thing interests you (and you have the right cable log in). It was such an impressive offensive performance that Mizzou Network posted some more highlights.

Through all the recognition, though, Drew Lock has been focused on South Carolina ... which means also flashing back a couple of years to his first start.

Lock played well in his freshman-year matchup with South Carolina, throwing for 136 yards and two touchdowns.

“I remember Drew being the young guy and making a couple good throws in the game,” said Missouri coach Barry Odom, the defensive coordinator at the time.

But Lock struggled the rest of the season — Missouri did not win another SEC contest — and he said Tuesday that his first start might have given him a false impression of the level of play in college football.

Lock posted a decent 139.4 passer rating in going 21-for-28 for 136 yards and two touchdowns. His passer rating would top a ghastly 90 just once the rest of the season. The steepness of the fall is even more staggering now that we're seeing the benefits of a rebound.

With my stat hat on, I like to say that by far the best predictor of future success in college football is past success. It is the way of the world in this oligarchical sport. But it only took two years for Missouri's offense to go from brilliant in 2013 to nearly the worst in the sport in 2015, and it's only taken two years for the Tigers to, however briefly, jump back into the top 10 in Off. S&P+.

Lock’s passer rating last Saturday: 252.6. Yes, take opponent into account, but even last year against Delaware State, it was only 211.9.

Obviously it's quite early, and there's nothing saying Mizzou will remain this high in the rankings, but the Tigers are going out of their way to prove me wrong: Recent success (or lack thereof) has meant very little to the Mizzou attack, good or bad.

Same for the defense, actually. It’s been a weird few years.

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  • I have much respect for the KC Star’s Tod Palmer, who didn’t delete this tweet but instead embraced the wonderful typo in it: