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Suspended guard Terrence Phillips under Title IX investigation

Updated on Wednesday.

NCAA Basketball: Stephen F. Austin at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Since Terrence Phillips’ suspension was announced on Friday evening, a few more details have come to light. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Ashley Jost reported on Sunday that Phillips is under a Title IX investigation.

An investigation has been opened into recently suspended basketball player Terrence Phillips by the University of Missouri-Columbia’s Title IX office, according to an email obtained by the Post-Dispatch.

The Title IX office is tasked with investigating issues of sex discrimination and sexual violence on campus.

The email from the office to an alleged victim said “based on additional information received by our office, the university is proceeding with an investigation against Terrence Phillips.” [...]

One person spoke on the condition of anonymity with the Post-Dispatch, alleging that at least one case against Phillips involves multiple allegations of physical abuse.

Meanwhile, a stream of tweets is making the rounds as well, potentially shedding light on some of the complaints surrounding him:

Also on Sunday, the Missourian reported that a woman had filed a Title IX complaint against Phillips a year ago but had refused to move forward with charges.

The alleged victim, who spoke to the Missourian on a condition of anonymity, said she filed her complaint with the Title IX office more than a year ago but asked that the office not move forward with her case. The complaint involved allegations of physical abuse.

She also said she knows others who have filed complaints, too. When they came forward and the investigation was launched, she then learned her information would be included in the investigation.

On Wednesday, the Kansas City Star published a piece that included not only confidential interviews with other accusers, but also a response from Phillips.

One of the students said Phillips had physically abused her on multiple occasions.

Another told The Star she reported Phillips had filmed a sexual encounter without her consent or knowledge a year ago. A friend who said she was with that student on the night of the encounter and walked in on the filming also spoke to The Star. [...]

Reached by The Star on Wednesday for comment, Phillips said he was cooperating with the investigation.

“There are two sides to every story,” Phillips said. “Some people really want to say ‘Me too’ because apparently it’s the cool thing to do. I have a side. I am cooperating with Mizzou like I was instructed. Unfortunately I can’t say a lot, but at the end of the investigation, I intend to be cleared from the accusations. People who know me know this isn’t me.”

Phillips remains suspended from the basketball team while the Title IX investigation unfolds.