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Rock M Nation Bowl Pick ‘Em: How did it end?

Well, we have a clear cut winner, but overall, not too bad.

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Alabama vs Clemson Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Well, our contest concluded with a clear-cut winner. Dawg Wild, who never relinquished the top spot, finished first with a record of 54-25, with Southern Tiger two spots behind. Our leader did very well, posting a pick percentage around ten points higher than last year’s winner, and just from a quick glance, one of, if not the best winning percentage/total correct picks in our contest, ever. On, the other end, as he promised, trripleplay remained in the last position, although he has a co-loser(?) now in CoachC47. It seemed like the last day either went really well or really poorly for most people.

Overall, the community as a whole did much better than last year, with the total pick percentage at 53.05% versus 47.36%. While our tiebreakers don’t matter now, more chose Georgia(38) to win the final game compared to Alabama (31). Again, at a quick glance, our best pick was Oklahoma State in the World Camping bowl at 87.29%, while the worst, unfortunately, was the team pick at 10.17% in the Texas bowl.

Find the link to the final stats here. Again, thanks to everyone who participated, and we’ll look forward to next year’s 12th time running of the contest. As well, in a couple months, stay tuned for the RMN March Madness bracket challenge. Enjoy the all-SEC championship game, and if you’re like most of us, try and not freeze!