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J’Mon Moore accepts an invitation to the 2018 NFL Combine

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

J’Mon Moore is headed to the NFL Combine. Well, not today, but he will be heading there when everybody else heads there.

You can also catch No. 6 in the Senior Bowl at the end of this month.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about Moore’s legacy for quite a while now. It’s hilariously complicated, one of the most unique and difficult to write about of any Mizzou star for a long while.

And to be sure, he was a star. Here are his career stats:

  • 158 receptions, sixth all-time at Mizzou (and, for context, 11 more than Michael Egnew)
  • 2,477 receiving yards, fourth all-time (more than 300 ahead of T.J. Moe)
  • 21 touchdowns, fourth all-time (three more than Justin Gage and Martin Rucker)

All this despite catching two passes as a redshirt freshman and playing on one of the worst offenses in the country as a sophomore. But his inconsistency (albeit as a sophomore with two career receptions to his name) played a major role in that 2015 offense being terrible. And he was battling bursts of immaturity well into his senior season (remember three-target, one-catch, eight-yard benching against Georgia?). And, of course, his instrumental role in the 2015 protests will forever be a mark on his record to some Mizzou fans (and a huge mark of admiration to others).

Like I said, complicated. But he finished his career strong. Six games into the season, he had 20 catches for 406 yards and four touchdowns. Over the last seven games, he had 45 for 676 and six touchdowns. He helped Mizzou remain prolific against Arkansas after Emanuel Hall went down. This is all part of his legacy. Good luck to him.

More Links:

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  • The in-state football recruiting crop in 2019 isn’t quite at 2018 levels, but it’s pretty dang good all the same.
  • Next up for Mizzou Hoops: a Florida team that just went straight from “losing four of five” cold to “beating A&M by 17 in College Station” hot.
  • Cuonzo Martin, offensive renaissance man.
  • The winning streak is over. Without Sophie Cunningham, Mizzou Women’s Hoops fell into a second-quarter funk, gave up a 28-6 run, and still nearly came back to beat LSU. But they didn’t, falling just short, 69-65. Amber Smith scored 27 points, and Jordan Frericks added 17, but ... well ... 28-6 runs are bad things. Nothing shameful about barely losing to a good team without one of the best players in the country, but the streak is over all the same. (You can read quotes and a further recap here.)