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Missouri Football tries to shed an image as they prepare for the gauntlet

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

The headlines are all pretty predictable this week

As things have always found a way to unravel for Missouri Football in the Barry Odom era they unraveled on Saturday. Dave Matter explored the pressure Drew Lock has put on himself and how it might be affecting his play (well, that and Emanuel Hall being out).

“Of course at quarterback you’re going to feel a lot of that blame on yourself,” Lock said Tuesday. “Not outer people blaming you. It’s just you as a competitor, you as a quarterback. So, yeah, it hurts after those games. It’s been different. I’ve put more pressure on myself, more than I should, just because I have those guys around me to win every single game. And we should win every single game. And when you don’t it hurts.”

Lock clearly didn’t play his best game against South Carolina. But the bigger issue is when the Tigers need him to step up and play his best, he’s largely faltered. Sure missing Nate Brown and Hall is going to hamper the passing game, but a senior leader at quarterback needs to find a way to get his other options the ball.

Barry Odom is joining Lock in fighting off the critics. BenFred talked about how Odom is in a familiar place... the corner.

Like it or not, Lock and Odom are tied to each other at this point. And the narrative for the season is about as static as you can get and it’s not going anywhere until Mizzou takes the field to either prove every right or prove everyone wrong on Saturday.


The secret scrimmages are a great time for fan bases around the country scrap for the smallest rumor regarding the game and extract as much as possible from it. Neither SIU or Iowa are expected to be very good, so a close game will clearly mean Missouri is doomed. Right?

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • No olympic sport action the last few days, Mizzou Men’s Swim and Dive are at Indiana today, and Women’s S&D are at Notre Dame.
  • On the positive news side, Mitchell Smith rejoins the Tigers Basketball Program after serving his suspension.
  • Top 15 is something eh?
  • This is amazing...