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Even a glimmer of hope against Alabama turns into bad news

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

1. An impending Greek tragedy, in three parts.

First, some potential good news for our Mizzou heroes, ahead of their trek to Tuscaloosa on Saturday:

Then, more positive news, as Missouri’s offense suddenly has more of an opening against a defense that gave up 31 to Arkansas a week ago:

But yet, the denouement shuts the door on the light for Mizzou:


2. This is a nice booked to Michael Porter Jr.’s Missouri career.

Yeah, it didn’t work out the way anyone wanted it to, and there’s certainly no way to erase the disappointment of last season — both for Michael Porter Jr. and the fan base.

But, man, this video by The Player’s Tribune is pretty dang cool:

I hope this dude can get healthy and stay healthy.

3. Big-time hoops visitor scheduling an official visit.

Five-star shooting guard Josh Christopher, the nation’s 13th-ranked player for the 2020 class, has scheduled an official visit to Missouri for October 20. Christopher hinted at the news via Twitter and it was confirmed by Mitchell Forde of

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Missouri basketball strength coach, Nicodemus Christopher, is Josh’s cousin.

And, then of course, there’s some more good recruiting news if you’re a Missouri fan:

It did note various meetings with coaches at Adidas schools around the country – NC State, Indiana, UCLA, Miami and so on. In particular was a trip in 2014 to Lawrence, Kansas, to attend the Kansas Jayhawks’ annual first practice called “Late Night in the Phog.”

“Met with Coach [Bill] Self and his staff,” Gassnola’s note read. ” … talked recruiting targets and the upcoming season. Assured them we are here to help.”

Exactly what Gassnola meant by “help” and what Self and his staff said in response to such an assurance should be a major focus of Thursday’s testimony. That’s especially the case when Gassnola faces cross-examination from the attorneys for former Adidas executives Jim Gatto and Merl Code and would-be agent and middleman Christian Dawkins who are standing trail for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

I’ll have my popcorn ready on Thursday.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • A nice video feature on Missouri athletes doing volunteer work in Haiti over the summer: