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How Cuonzo Martin and Rick Barnes fit into the SEC Landscape

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Sam is joined by Charlie Burris of for an episode of Opponents Alley.

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NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament-Tennessee vs Mississippi State Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Last season Rick Barnes was the SEC Coach of the year and Grant Williams was the SEC player of the year. The Vols returns almost all of their roster from a year ago now Rick Barnes is landing 5-star recruits. So the question is bared to Charlie Burris, of, just how excited are Vols fans with all of this?

Charlie and Sam also talked about Mizzou Basketball’s expectations this season and in the future under Cuonzo Martin, as well as how Martin recruited at Tennessee and how that might be able to translate at Missouri.

Rock M Radio Presents: Opponents Alley w Sam Snelling & Guest Charlie Burris

Rock M Radio is back with another episode of Opponents Alley with Sam Snelling. On this episode, he is joined by Charlie Burris, the creator of the Orange and White Report. They talk SEC Basketball and take a look ahead at what Tennessee has in store for this year in the SEC.

Episode Breakdown:
:20 – 1:40: Intro & Welcome Charlie Burris to Opponents Alley!
1:41 – 19:20: Jumping right in: What was the key for Tennessee last year and what are some keys moving forward for this year?
19:21 – 24:04: What are the Vols’ fans expectations for this season?
24:05 – 30:34: How can Rick Barnes improve his recruiting and continue to grow this roster?
30:35 – 35:27: Rick Barnes and Cuonzo Martin for SEC Coach of the Year last year. Also, Cuonzo was at Tennessee at one point, right?!
35:28 – 46:43: Cuonzo’s record in recruiting at Tennessee and his coaching style there and what it is like now.
46:44 – 53:54: Does the SEC has the best coaching talent right now? And a look at some storylines around the league going into this year.
53:44 – END: Wrap-Up! Check out Charlie’s work and be sure to rate/review/and subscribe to Rock M Radio wherever you get your podcasts.

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