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How full the glass is probably depends on what kind of person you are

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

If you came to this post today looking for anyone to tear into the Mizzou Football program, you’re probably in the wrong spot

It’s never easy to watch your football team go out and get thoroughly dominated like what happens to most teams who match up against Alabama under Nick Saban. Here are the point spreads for the Crimson Tide this season:

  • vs L’ville = +37
  • vs Ark St = +50
  • vs Ole Miss = +55
  • vs Texas A&M = +22
  • vs ULL = +42
  • vs Arkansas = +34
  • vs Missouri = +29

Alabama is playing on a different level than every other college football team this season and much of that is thanks to Tua Tagovailoa. When you combine the offensive weapons with an elite offensive line and an incredibly talented and highly rated quarterback like Tua, you’re going to end up with the kind of offense Alabama has created. Essentially an unstoppable offense.

Take this as a reminder from before halftime:

Missouri eventually forced an Alabama punt, with with Tua still in at Quarterback. Overall, I don’t understand how you can watch the game and not come away at least a little encouraged by the defense. They scrapped and fought and made Alabama work for all of their points despite a few very short fields. It was bend and don’t break, but giving up 564 yards, but when the field position battle was in their favor Missouri held up. They gave up touchdowns on a 2 play 81 yard drive (the first drive) and a 9 play 75 yard drive in the second quarter. The two other touchdowns were at the hands of short fields and the rest of the scoring drives resulted in field goals.

Against Texas A&M Alabama had five long touch down drives and the Aggies are a top 25 team. So that has to count for something right?

And yes the offense struggled. A lot of people want to pick on Drew Lock. Lock has struggled the past three games, all Missouri losses. A lot has been made about his play and there are a lot of areas to pick apart. However...

There can be “yeah but’s” on both sides with this one. It’s still something you can’t, and shouldn’t, ignore. Lock has largely struggled when his targets have been missing. But the legions of voices who’ll harp on Lock’s, and by proxy Odom’s, losses against opponents with a pulse will continue to grow until they win one of those games. It’s almost assured to happen and happen soon as there are nothing but toss up games left on the schedule.

Last night Drew Lock struggled against an elite defense with two freshman receivers and a slot receiver with a case of the drops. Albert Okwuegbunam has become one of the only reliable targets and he’s been draped in coverage. Jalen Knox has been able to make a few plays but there aren’t many defenses like Alabama left on the schedule. With Hall likely returning soon, along with Brown, you’d have to expect the Missouri passing games to be a little better the rest of the season.

This three game stretch was always predicted to be at best a 1-2 finish, and the Tigers fell short of that. They’ve shown a proclivity towards late season runs and nows a good time to get that going.

Your game day links:

I’m not here to say Missouri Football will return to an SEC East championship soon the way things have looked. But I still think Barry Odom can get it figured out and get Missouri on the right path. But Missouri isn’t a school where you can move on from one coach to another and chase championships. Missouri needs consistency and development to succeed.

Gary Pinkel won eight games in year three. Then he won five and seven games before getting to eight wins again in year six before finding the right combination of players and talent and experience before they jumped to 12 wins in year seven.

I’m not saying Odom will be Pinkel. But I am saying it might behove Missouri to make sure they’re showing an appropriate amount of patience in case Odom can turn into the answer. Pinkel had 10 years of experience as a head coach and even he struggled to get it going. Odom is in year three as a head coach and it feels like Missouri is close.

Yesterday at Rock M

Tweet to think about:

Emanuel Hall missed the game after the sudden and unexpected loss of his father. Thoughts and prayers out to the Hall family in this time:

Drew Lock has plenty of critics, his teammates are certainly NOT amongst the bunch:

He knows he needs to be better as well:

This was fun at least:


Yesterday was kind of a wild day in the SEC because:

  • #13 LSU 36, #2 Georgia 16
  • #14 Florida 37, Vanderbilt 27
  • Tennessee 30, #21 Auburn 21
  • #22 Texas A&M 26, South Carolina 23
  • Ole Miss 37, Arkansas 33

Also, Memphis lost to UCF 31-30, and led 30-17 at halftime. So that should be a tough game.