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Missouri-Alabama snap counts: Tide gets pressure whenever it wants

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Alabama only had to send four to get to Drew Lock and Tua Tagovailoa picked apart Missouri’s secondary

NCAA Football: Missouri at Alabama
Alabama rarely blitzed Drew Lock, but he still often had a Crimson Tide defender breathing down his neck. As Christian Miller can attest.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

If you followed along with my work in this space last year, you know that I endeavored to provide snap counts for every Missouri player for every offensive and defensive snap that counted during the season.

If you were not...well, I just explained what this is in the last graf. You should have paid attention.

Anyway, I pored over the film of the Tigers’ 39-10 loss to Alabama to see who Missouri used on offense and defense, how often and in what ways. Then I tried to gather it in a way that wouldn’t bore you too terribly.

Did I fail? Did I succeed? I suppose that’s up for history to decide.

On we go with Year 3 of ... Snap Chats...


  • Let’s start with who, exactly, Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts were picking on when they threw: the secondary.
  • Missouri’s corners and safeties were targeted 25 times, for 14 completions, 326 yards and three touchdowns. Alabama completed 4-of-4 for 82 yards against Tyree Gillespie, 2-of-2 for 87 and a score against Cam Hilton, 3-of-5 for 91 yards and a score against Adam Sparks and 2-of-5 for 52 yards against Christian Holmes.
  • The linebackers/one play where Akial Byers was in coverage gave up 5-of-5 passing for 54 yards as well. DeMarkus Acy (1-of-3, -1 yard) was really the only one who acquitted himself well in coverage with more than one target thrown his way.
  • On defense, Alabama was able to pressure Drew Lock without sending extra rushers. The Crimson Tide sent an extra rusher on only five of 30 pass plays and forced Lock into 1-of-4 passing for 8 yards and a sack.
  • With four rushers coming, Lock completed 9-of-19 passes for 100 yards and two interceptions, three sacks and three QB hurries.
  • With only three rushers, Lock completed 3-of-3 for 34 yards and a touchdown, with a hurry. If Alabama had only sent three rushers all day, Missouri actually would’ve come out pretty good...
  • Larry Rountree got more than half of the running back snaps (54 percent), and Tyler Badie (25 percent) and Damarea Keener-Crockett (21 percent) split the rest.
  • Jalen Knox and Kam Scott both played on about 82 percent of the Tigers’ offensive snaps, and Johnathon Johnson showed up for about 63 percent. Alex Ofodile got 16 snaps in relief of the outside receivers, and Dominic Gicinto got eight inside.
  • Albert Okwuegbunam got 41 snaps, Kendall Blanton got 29 and Daniel Parker got nine at tight end, so the Tigers clocked in at about 1.30 TEPS. Okwuegbunam actually got as many snaps split wide (17) as attached (17).
  • The line stayed together for pretty much the whole game, except Case Cook getting two series in relief of Kevin Pendleton. In those seven snaps, Cook got whistled for holding and Missouri suffered a safety.
  • A work in progress, that.
  • Nate Anderson seemed slowed against Alabama and only played 11 snaps. In his place, Byers (32) and Trajan Jeffcoat (16) saw their most extended action of the season.
  • Speaking of that, Jeffcoat stepped into the end role, along with Tre Williams, in the four-man front Dime. Chris Turner moved inside to tackle in that look, which is Anderson’s usual spot.
  • The tackle rotation stayed pretty consistent, with Terry Beckner getting about 65 percent of the snaps, Walter Palmore barely edging Jordan Elliott at the other tackle spot and Kobie Whiteside and Rashad Brandon sweeping up the rest.
  • At linebacker, with Terez Hall’s targeting and Brandon Lee getting shaken up, there was a lot more subbing in this game than usual. Nick Bolton ended up getting 45 snaps, Ronnell Perkins got 30 and even Jamal Brooks took eight snaps at the end.
  • Also interesting: with Hall out, Lee stepped into the sole linebacker role in the four-front Dime, and Garrett even took a snap there toward the end.
  • It looks like Missouri wanted to go with Holmes more than Sparks — especially after Sparks gave up a 57-yard pass in the first half — but Holmes got shaken up as well and ended up with one fewer snap (45) than Sparks (46).
  • With Holmes out, it meant that Khalil Oliver got a look in the Dime, with Sparks at Holmes’ corner spot, Gillespie at nickel and Oliver in the back.
  • The four-front Dime only gave up 25 yards on six plays. Pretty good. The three-front Dime gave up 33 on three. Not so good.
  • At least it was better than the base defense with a standing rush end (3-4ish): 2-of-2, 71 yards.
  • Safety is musical chairs right now. Gillespie got 44 snaps, Hilton 39, Bledsoe 36 and Oliver 31 at the back. Who are the starters? Who is playing the best right now? Beats me.
  • On offense, the four-wide actually worked pretty well for the Tigers: 143 yards on 24 plays, with a touchdown and an interception. Lock completed 10-of-16 for 113 yards out of the look.
  • On the bad side: three-wide/one-attached/one-back. That had 13 plays for 11 yards, with Lock’s sack and fumble and an interception thrown in.
  • Eesh.
  • The base defense (4-3) only gave up 4.2 yards a carry and forced a sack and fumble, which was pretty good. It also gave up 13-of-21 for 269 yard and two touchdowns passing.
  • Not so good.

Alabama Success When Throwing At...

Adam Sparks: 3-of-5, 91 yards, TD
Christian Holmes: 2-of-5, 52 yards
DeMarkus Acy: 1-of-3, -1 yard
Cornerbacks: 6-of-13, 142 yards, TD

Joshuah Bledsoe: 2-of-5, 15 yards, TD
Tyree Gillespie: 4-of-4, 82 yards
Cam Hilton: 2-of-2, 87 yards, TD
Khalil Oliver: 0-of-1
Safeties: 8-of-12, 184 yards, 2 TD

Brandon Lee: 2-of-2, 16 yards
Akial Byers: 1-of-1, 20 yards
Cale Garrett: 1-of-1, 11 yards
Ronnell Perkins: 1-of-1, 7 yards
DE/LB: 5-of-5, 54 yards


Drew Lock When Alabama Sent...

3 Rushers
3-of-3, 34 yards, TD (QB hurry)

4 Rushers
9-of-19, 100 yards, 2 INT (3 sacks, 3 QB hurries)

5 Rushers
1-of-4, 8 yards (sack)


Drew Lock — 61

Running Back
Larry Rountree — 33
Tyler Badie — 15
Damarea Keener-Crockett — 13

Albert Okwuegbunam — 7
Daniel Parker — 4
Kendall Blanton — 2

Wide Receiver
Jalen Knox — 50
Kam Scott — 50
Johnathon Johnson — 39
Albert Okwuegbunam — 17
Alex Ofodile — 16
Kendall Blanton — 10
Dominic Gicinto — 8
Barrett Banister — 1

Tight End
Kendall Blanton — 17
Albert Okwuegbunam — 17
Daniel Parker — 5

Paul Adams — 61
Trystan Colon-Castillo — 61
Yasir Durant — 61
Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms — 61
Kevin Pendleton — 54
Case Cook — 7



Tre Williams — 47
Chris Turner — 39
Akial Byers — 32
Trajan Jeffcoat — 16
Nate Anderson — 11
Jatorian Hansford — 2

Terry Beckner — 48
Walter Palmore — 35
Jordan Elliott — 27
Rashad Brandon — 17
Kobie Whiteside — 14
Chris Turner — 6

Rush End
Chris Turner — 3

Cale Garrett — 62
Nick Bolton — 45
Brandon Lee — 39
Ronnell Perkins — 30
Terez Hall — 26
Jamal Brooks — 8

Joshuah Bledsoe — 9
Adam Sparks — 8
Tyree Gillespie — 1

DeMarkus Acy — 67
Christian Holmes — 45
Adam Sparks — 38

Tyree Gillespie — 44
Cam Hilton — 39
Joshuah Bledsoe — 36
Khalil Oliver — 31

Offensive Set Success

Run: 6 for 39 (6.50 avg.)
Pass: 10-of-16, 113 yards (7.06 avg.), TD, INT
Sack: 2 for -9 (-4.50 avg.)
Total: 24 plays, 143 yards (5.96 avg.), TD, INT

Run: 7 for 17 (2.43 avg.)
Pass: 2-of-5, 12 yards (2.40 avg.), INT
Sack: 1 for -18, fumble lost
Total: 13 plays, 11 yards (0.85 avg.), INT, fumble lost

Run: 6 for 15 (2.50 avg.)
Pass: 1-of-3, 17 yards (5.67 avg.)
Sack: 1 for -6, safety
Total: 10 plays, 26 yards (2.60 avg.), safety

Run: 9 for 14 (1.56 avg.)
Pass: 0-of-1
Total: 10 plays, 14 yards (1.40 avg.)

Run: 2 for 12 (6.00 avg.)
Pass: 0-of-1
Total: 3 plays, 12 yards (4.00 avg.)

Run: 1 for 6


Defensive Set Success

Run: 42 for 178 (4.24 avg.), TD
Pass: 13-of-21, 269 yards (12.8 avg.), 2 TD
Sack: 1 for -12, fumble lost
Total: 64 plays, 435 yards (6.80 avg.), 3 TD, fumble lost

Dime (4-1-6)
Run: 1 for 9
Pass: 2-of-5, 16 yards (3.20 avg.)
Total: 6 plays, 25 yards (4.17 avg.)

Dime (3-2-6)
Run: 1 for 9
Pass: 2-of-2, 24 yards (12.0 avg.), TD
Total: 3 plays, 33 yards (11.0 avg.), TD

Pass: 2-of-2, 71 yards (35.5 avg.)