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The most compelling reasons for why Missouri shouldn’t make a coaching change

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. Gabe DeArmond lays out the most compelling reasons for why Barry Odom should remain Missouri’s head coach

I’m always cautious with leading the links with columns, but this one by Gabe DeArmond of is probably the most comprehensive, well-thought out argument for why Odom should remain Missouri’s head coach.

I can’t say I disagree with any point Gabe makes (and it’s free, so please read it).

I will add one thing, though — if the case against change is being made, then it also needs to be said that Odom needs to find some continuity within his coaching staff, too. I know it’s a good problem when your staff leaves for better jobs (like Josh Heupel, for instance) but the amount of turnover within his coaching staff in 2.5 years has not all fit that bill. At some point, if Odom is going to have a lengthy career, he needs to find coaches that aren’t leaving (for whatever reason) after just a season.

2. Missouri makes a cameo in SI’s bold second-half predictions.

And it’s... kind of positive? It’s also by former Missouri beat hack Ross Dellenger, so maybe Delly is feeling a little nostalgic for his time in Columbia,

Anyway, the question is “Which coach will coach themselves off of the hot seat?”

Dellenger picks Odom, and closes with this:

But things are looking up. Odom’s club hosts Memphis and Kentucky the next two weeks before a trip to The Swamp. The final three games are winnable: vs. Vanderbilt, at Tennessee, vs. Arkansas.

Dellenger seems to put more weight in the close losses against South Carolina and Georgia, seeing them as something correctable. Which is good, but again, those types of games have been relatively common over the last 2.5 years, so those that follow the team closer may not feel that same way.

3. Blast from the past: The game story from Missouri’s first homecoming game.

Cool idea from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, as they re-ran their coverage of Missouri’s first homecoming game on Nov. 25, 1911.

On a side note, man, I wish I could have been a sports reporter back in those days so I could spin some phrases like this:

WHEN, today, Quarterback Blees, with four minutes to play, called on Captain Shuck of Missouri, for, a. field goal, nine thousand football fans held their breath. When, with aggravating deliberation, Captain Shuck poised the pigskin, then toed it squarely between the uprights, forcing to a 3-3 tie the twenty-first annual football conflict between Missouri and Kansas, the Tiger rooters cheered and called it a victory.

If that doesn’t get your blood pumping, then what will?

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