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Emanuel Hall is back with the team and Sophie gets a big assist

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Getting Emanuel Hall back is one way to ignite the offense

And Hall is back with the team after attending his fathers funeral on Sunday. While Hall wasn’t on the depth chart simply getting him back at practice and around the team again is a step in the right direction. And Barry Odom knows the importance of making sure Hall comes back on his own timetable:

For now, Missouri’s staff isn’t setting a strict timetable for Hall’s return. Tigers coach Barry Odom has acknowledged that Hall would be eligible for a redshirt year but has said Hall wants to return this season. Otherwise, the team is giving Hall space to recover from a grueling few weeks.

“My number one job when you have a real relationship with a guy is to make sure they have all the support system in place that they need,” Odom said. “There’s no way in the world I can tell Emanuel what he’s going through. I don’t know. I haven’t walked one day in his shoes. I just want to help him and support him. In this time of his life I want him to know any time, day or night, he wants to talk or not talk there’s a lot of people here that care about him.”

Not only are you worried about Hall coming back too early following the injury, but the death of his father was sudden which isn’t an easy thing to deal with. Hall will be ready when he’s ready but in the meantime his absence has allowed other guys to get reps and has allowed Jalen Knox to stand out a little bit.

In the recruitment of Aijha Blackwell, Sophie Cunningham gets a huge assist

Really nice note from Ben Frederickson, who also had a more in-depth piece on Aijha before her commitment (and also the first clue she was staying at home for school), about the players Blackwell really looks up to and the style they play. And at the top of the list was Mizzou’s All American Sophie Cunningham.

She named the following players: LeBron James, Louisville star Asia Durr and, yes, Mizzou star and noted shorts-roller herself, Sophie Cunningham.

”I can’t even explain how much I watch them,” Blackwell said during a recent interview. “I look at everything.”

At the time of this interview, Blackwell had not yet announced her commitment. She said Pingeton’s team was in her top-two, and stressed she didn’t want to spoil anything, but wanted to make it clear she “really, really” liked the Tigers.

And she absolutely gushed about Cunningham.

”She is unstoppable,” Blackwell said. “Her emotion. Her passion. That is exactly what I play with.”

Landing Blackwell was obviously a huge get but getting a player with the fiery passion of Cunningham is something that will carry this program into the next few years. and potentially beyond. Coach Pingeton has built the brand and it’s kind of exciting.

Just read this piece from Vahe Gregorian on former Mizzou Football coach Warren Powers, his wife, and dealing with Alzheimers.

It’s crushing and uplifting and a really well written piece from Vahe. If you’ve ever dealt personally with anyone dealing with Alzheimers it will pull on some strings.

Yesterday at Rock M

Rock M Nation has been a content machine lately, just yesterday we published seven articles and on Monday there were eight articles! DIG INTO THAT #CONTENT!

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