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What will Mizzou do without Jontay Porter?

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Rock M Radio is back with episode 38 of Dive Cuts as Sam and Matt breakdown Mizzou’s options without Jontay Porter.

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When a player like Jontay Porter goes down there are a lot of questions that need answering and who better to answer those questions than your favorite basketball commentators Matt Harris and Sam Snelling.

First, now that Jontay is out who are the most likely players to take over Jontay’s minutes and how do they replace his production? Plus plenty of recruiting talking about adding Tray Jackson and Mizzou’s latest visitor Kobe Brown!

Rock M Radio Presents: Dive Cuts w Sam Snelling & Matt Harris


Sam and Matt are back with another episode of Dive Cuts! What a week it’s been… In case you did not see it, there was some not so great news for Mizzou Basketball on Sunday involving one Jontay Porter. Sam and Matt dive into that and how it changes the outlook on Mizzou Basketball for this year, where the team goes from here, and how do they cope with the loss of Jonaty Porter for the entire season, and other news involving Mizzou Basketball. Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:
:15 – 2:38: Intro and welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts! Plenty has changed in one week…
2:40 – 13:41: Welp… Initial reaction and thoughts about Jontay Porter’s injury and that he is done for the year and what this means for Jontay and Mizzou Basketball going forward.
13:42 – 28:50: The questions marks Mizzou Basketball already have will just now be bigger question marks, right? But they can still be answered. But where does Mizzou stack up in the SEC now after this injury to Jontay Porter?
28:51 – 31:53: Is an NCAA Bid still on the table for this year?
31:54 – 45:15: While this has been the Jonaty Pod… there was some good news for Mizzou Basketball prior to this news.
45:16 – END: Final thoughts and we are that much closer to REAL BASKETBALL folks! Dive Cuts will be back next week as well!
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