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Everyone’s piling on after another tough loss

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

The Mizzou media is not taking prisoners

I’ve been toying with how exactly to do the Monday morning links in the midst of a football season that majorly sucks. There’s no point in soaking in our sorrows if we don’t need to.

But, you know, Mizzou football has seen it fit to be SO BAD and SO CRITICISM-WORTHY, my best laid plans have been laid to waste, at least for this week. Because most every writer on the Mizzou beat has not much to say outside of trying of make sense of that maddening loss.

From the Missourian:

This loss falls equally on players and coaches. The Tigers made a handful of execution errors that came back to haunt them, but questionable calls made by the coaching staff always stand out more in tight losses.

From Ben Hochman at the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

I don’t believe what I just saw … wait, you know what? I do believe what I just saw, because this Mizzou football team talks the talk but cannot walk the walk, a spectacularly underwhelming team that just doesn’t rise up to the moment, that just cannot seem to move the needle (or for that matter, the football).

And, most poignantly, from Dave Matter:

As if Missouri fans haven’t suffered enough. Now this.

I don’t know how much more I can add to this fray in the form of analysis. No one is happy with how things are going. No one seems to have any answers. There doesn’t seem to be much hope.

Happy times in Columbia, Missouri, is what I’m saying!

Report cards are in!

Class is in session, and Missouri is, uh, NOT DOING WELL!

Alex Schiffer at the KC Star is failing two-thirds of the roster, and something tells me he’d have failed the coaches too.

Over at PowerMizzou, Mitchell Forde is also handing out big letter Fs, and only two units overall passed. Click here to find out which ones (though I’d bet most of y’all could guess in three shots.) The Pro Football Focus grades are there too ($$) and YIKES.

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