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Cale Garrett has been good and he’s getting better.

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

I’m going to lead with this:

Cale Garrett was dominant on Saturday

Kentucky had a dude named Josh Allen who made a ton of plays, but if Missouri had won he’d have likely lost SEC Defensively player of the week honors to Garrett who lived in the hole and ALMOST single handedly won the game for the Tigers with numerous short yardage stops.

Garrett has a great story if you recall, he was offered late out of Kearney, MO and committed to Mizzou after waiting on an offer that finally came shortly before signing day. And he’s been an invaluable piece and one of the few bright spots in the defense the last few seasons.

Daniel Jones of the Trib had a nice twitter thread documenting Garrett’s ability to meet Benny Snell in the hole and prevent him from picking up first downs. Click below:

One of the more underrated aspect of Missouri’s struggles has been special teams.

Daniel Jones looked into the struggles and outlined something which has been a little overlooked, Andy Hill has been the Special Teams coordinator this year after the Tigers haven’t had a coach specifically assigned to Teams since... well it goes back a long way.

Missing kicks, out kicking the coverage, blocked FG attempts. It hasn’t been pretty and if Mizzou is going to turn their season around it’s going to need to start with 3rd and often overlooked unit: Special Teams.


Nuff said.

Yesterday at Rock M

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