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Jake Bentley’s availability for Missouri-South Carolina Saturday still unknown

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. Will Muschamp addressed Jake Bentley’s injury status on his radio show on Thursday.

Per The State, Muschamp said Jake Bentley will be a “game-time decision” on Saturday as he still deals with a knee injury suffered late against Kentucky,

Muschamp also said that Michael Scarnecchia received most of the first-team reps with freshman Dakereon Joyner also getting some reps himself. Joyner has yet to play this year, but he was a highly regarded four-star quarterback in the 2018 signing class, so that possibility would certainly be something to watch for if you’re Missouri on Saturday.

Also, South Carolina announced its uniform combination for Saturday: The Gamecocks are going all-garnet.

2. Here’s your Game 5 Missouri hype video.

And, yes, it includes highlights from the 2005 Independence Bowl.

Man, that bowl game was so much fun to watch. That was my freshman year at Missouri, and really the moment I realized that being a Missouri fan is never going to be an easy thing.

3. Shammond Cooper will announce his decision at the Under Armour game.

The four-star linebacker from Trinity Catholic in St. Louis tweeted out this picture announcing that commitment date:

Yesterday at Rock M

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