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GAME THREAD: Missouri faces South Carolina in pivotal SEC game

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Sandwiched in between Georgia and Alabama, this South Carolina game is close to a must-win for Missouri.

Missouri v South Carolina Photo by Tyler Lecka/Getty Images

Missouri faces South Carolina on Saturday in a game that’s a must-win for both teams.

Both the Tigers (3-1, 0-1 SEC) and Gamecocks (2-2, 1-2) are coming off tough loses to SEC East foes. For Missouri, the game Saturday is sandwiched between match-ups against the two toughest teams in the conference — Georgia and then Alabama.

Follow along below for updates and analysis, and chat with other fans in the comments during the game. Make sure you have your favorite beverage of choice ready — Drew Lock certainly does.

Missouri-South Carolina football: Score, live updates


13:20 — Huge three-and-out for the Missouri defense. Front seven looking stout early.

12:13 — Jalen Knox already stepping up big-time for the injured Emanuel Hall and Nate Brown. He hauls in a 45-yard dime from Drew Lock to the half-yard-line.

11:58 — Larry Rountree III pounds it in from a yard away on the next play. Missouri 7, South Carolina 0

11:58 — Tucker McCann attempts an onside kick. Bold move cotton, let’s see if it pays off for him. It didn’t. Gamecocks with the ball inside Missouri’s 40. Missouri 7, South Carolina 0

11:02 — Agent Michael Scarnecchia finds Brian Edwards on an end-zone fade to tie the game at seven. Missouri 7, South Carolina 7

4:25 — Damarea Crockett steals a touchdown from Rountree, but who cares as long as we’re scoring? Missouri 14, South Carolina 7


14:57 — Tucker McCann’s 19-yard field goal splits the uprights. Missouri 17, South Carolina 7

12:57 — A three-step slant finds its way 17 yards into the end zone. Not sure how you can let that happen. Missouri 17, South Carolina 14

8:54 — Huge fourth down stop by the Missouri defense. Lock and the offense will take over on their own 36 yard line. Missouri 17, South Carolina 14

6:16 — McCann’s 32-yard field goal is good. Missouri can’t keep settling for field goals here in the red zone if they’re going to win this game. Missouri 20, South Carolina 14

0:23 — McCann good from 22. That’s three straight trips to the red zone, and three straight field goals. You’ve got to convert those into touchdowns if you’re going to win in the SEC. Missouri 23, South Carolina 14


9:34 — Deebo Samuel takes a slant eight yards for the touchdown. These field goals in the red zone might bite Missouri in the butt. Missouri 23, South Carolina 21

5:15 — South Carolina takes the lead on a 42-yard field goal. Missouri’s composure is absolutely non-existent right now. South Carolina 24, Missouri 23

5:00 — Lock throws a perfectly placed screen pass to a South Carolina linebacker for a Gamecock touchdown. Don’t know if Missouri’s looked this bad in a while. South Carolina 31, Missouri 23

2:14 — McCann no good from 25. Couldn’t even see it on TV, but it looks like a dang swamp out there on the field. South Carolina 31, Missouri 23


13:54 — Rountree jumps over the pile for a two yard touchdown. Missouri went for two, but missed an end zone fade to Albert Okuwegbunam. South Carolina 31, Missouri 29

11:01 — McCann redeems himself by knocking a 44-yarder right down the pipe to take the lead. That would’ve been good from 60. Missouri 32, South Carolina 31

6:23 — South Carolina bangs home a 42-yard field goal to get back on top. South Carolina 34, Missouri 32

2:41 — WEATHER DELAY. Missouri was driving down the field, and the game was put on hold due to lightning strikes. The Tigers will take over on the South Carolina 48.

1:18 — TUCKER MCCANN FROM 56 YARDS TO TAKE THE LEAD!! That would’ve been good from 70 yards, no joke. Missouri 35, South Carolina 34

0:02 — South Carolina takes the lead on a 33-yarder. This one’s going to sting for awhile. South Carolina 37, Missouri 35

Missouri-South Carolina: Time, TV channel

Time: 11 a.m. CT

Date: Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018

Location: Williams-Brice Stadium, Columbia, S.C.

TV: SEC Network

Missouri-South Carolina: How to watch online

Fans can watch Missouri-Georgia football online at

Missouri-South Carolina: Betting odds, game preview, predictions

After opening as a slight underdog, Missouri is now a 1 1/2-point favorite, according to Vegas Insiders. However, there are lines on both sides — this game is pretty much a pick ‘em.

Missouri-South Carolina preview

Chris Bohkay: Mizzou 24 - South Carolina 23. It’s going to be close game but our Tigers come back from the bye week ready to get things done. The easy answer on who will bounce back would be Drew Lock (it is Locktober after all), but I’ll go with Albert Okwuegbunam securing the ball and getting into the endzone a couple times.

AlaTiger: 34-21, Mizzou. A healthy Emanuel Hall will have a very productive day.

Josh Matejka: 38-28, Mizzou. We know Mizzou is going to score at least 30 points against everyone they play not named Georgia and Alabama — and they got to 29 against the former. At this point, the name of the game is keeping up with them. South Carolina won’t make it easy, but I think the backup/late entry starter QB magic won’t get to Connor Shaw levels this time around.