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Missouri missing two receivers against South Carolina

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A must-win game just got a littler tougher.

Missouri v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

According to Daniel Jones of The Columbia Tribune, Missouri receiver Emanuel Hall did not make the trip to South Carolina for the game against the Gamecocks (11 am, SEC Network).

Jones cites a “source with knowledge of the situation.” Rumors also began on the message board prior to Jones’ report.

Hall has had a hamstring injury prior to the win over Purdue, and has been limited in since. Against Purdue, Hall missed most of the game after starting, returning for one fourth-quarter catch. Against Georgia, Hall was held without a catch.

For the season, Hall has 18 catches for 430 yards and three touchdowns.

Shortly after releasing his original report, Jones added this via Twitter:

Brown has 12 catches for 129 yards this season.

UPDATE: A team spokesperson has confirmed the report.