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Missouri is in a familiar place after losing to South Carolina

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

NCAA Football: Missouri at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Same story, different year

There are a lot of ways one could start writing about Saturday’s ugly game at Williams-Brice Stadium. Dave Matter wrote about locusts and frogs. Alex Schiffer wrote about the storm clouds as a natural metaphor. Gabe DeArmond talked about little league softball and the “inning from hell.”

And while all are fantastic ledes, perhaps none wholly reflect the collective disappointment of the Missouri Tigers, its fanbase or its coaches. How could it?

Sam Mellinger at the Kansas City Star wrote an excellent column after the game. He honestly asks why we’re seeing the same mistakes in year three of the Barry Odom era.

This is not the first time Barry Odom has talked himself into calming down before discussing his Missouri football program publicly. This one might hurt more than most, and might ultimately be more damaging to his hold on the job at his alma mater.

Another quote from his piece:

“Just keeping it real with you,” linebacker Terez Hall said. “I feel like we should’ve handled this team.”

The difference is you’ll see that second quote scattered across Mizzou gamers. It’s probably the most accurate summation of Missouri football’s feelings about Saturday.

“We should’ve had that. But we didn’t.”

The question now is, “Why” Or perhaps, “Why does it always seem to happen like this?”

Who knows. But it really feels like we’ve been asking that question for a while now, doesn’t it?

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • As if Missouri needed to be facing a pissed off team next week...

Death. Taxes. The Nick Saban, “I’m disappointed in my team,” motivational tactic.

Next week is not looking great, folks.

  • Kentucky’s undefeated run ended with a thud as they lost a 20-14 knock-down-drag-out against Texas A&M. The Wildcats still look awfully good, and that will likely remain an opportunity for a golden win later in the season...
  • ...But no matter what, if Missouri wants 8 wins, they’ll have to beat either the Wildcats or Florida, who just knocked off No. 5 LSU.

Also, this has nothing to do with Missouri, but it is worth seeing.

Gut-wrenching Missouri losses aside, college football is still extremely good, on and off the field.