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Missouri turns an eye toward the Crimson Tide war machine

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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NCAA Football: Missouri at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

WE WANT BAMA [sob sob sob-sob-sob]

We’ve had several days to mourn Saturday’s loss to South Carolina, and it’s time to turn the page to the Alabama Crimson Tide. And based on years of documented insane work ethic, Nick Saban was focused on the Missouri game by no later than the first quarter of Saturday’s matchup against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Missouri is (of course) playing the role of the underdog for Saturday’s tilt, and Dave Matter detailed just how often they’ve faced similarly long odds, while also asking: just how bad could things get?

Is this Alabama team the best team the Tigers have faced since joining the SEC? Offensively, perhaps. The Tide average 56 points per game and have scored at least 50 in five of their six games. No team has averaged 50 points per game for a full season since Baylor and Florida State in 2013. Sophomore quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has thrown 18 touchdowns without an interception. He’s completed 75.2 percent of his passes with a passer rating of 258.4.

At least it’ll be fun to watch Tua play one way or the other? Kansas City’s Alex Schiffer points out that he’ll get his chance to air it out because of Missouri’s surprisingly stout rushing defense.

However, some are already looking past Alabama... into the distant future. St. Louis radio host and columnist Bernie Miklasz thinks Saturday might foreshadow darker days in Columbia.

In theory, Mizzou is capable of winning four or five of the final six, but that’s unlikely if this team continues to give games away through negligent, haphazard play, and incompetent coaching.

If Odom saves his job and gets to a fourth season, then best of luck to Mizzou director of athletics Jim Sterk when it’s time to market home-game ticket packages for 2019.

I’ll leave that alone for the time being, but Miklasz certainly isn’t alone in his thoughts, at least not if you check the internet’s temperature.

Over at PowerMizzou, Gabe, Mitch and the crew offered their weekly Monday morning thoughts, a live Q&A and several other content morsels. Subscription required for much of it.

And I suppose for you masochists out there, here are a few more South Carolina articles...

Yesterday at Rock M

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I’m a big fan of HBO documentaries — if you haven’t checked out Andre the Giant from earlier this year, prioritize it — and Lebron James has shown an astute eye for producing, so I’m excited to dig into this.