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Evansville finally issues statement on Dru Smith’s transfer request — and doesn’t help matters

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. Better late than never, I guess?

Well, not in this case.

After a week of silence from Evansville, it took a particularly pointed column from Ben Frederickson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to get a statement from the other side regarding the Dru Smith transfer waiver.

Here’s the statement in full:

Basically, Evansville is hiding behind NCAA protocol for not assisting Smith in the waiver, while also adding that Smith’s claim for pursuing the waiver (the run-off rule) isn’t true — which that certainly isn’t.

But, guys. Come on.

First off, if you’re going to take this hardline stance and draw a line in the stand, why not issue the statement when Frederickson contacted your school for comment before he even published his dang column?

This isn’t a perfect situation for anyone involved, and Evansville is firmly within its rights to not assist with the waiver. But at some point, is it worth losing in the court of public opinion? Because Evansville clearly is — if it wasn’t, a statement after the fact wouldn’t have been necessary.

2. Mizzou Wrestling picked to win the MAC, again.

Let the chant start: M-A-C! M-A-C!

Missouri wrestling was picked to win its seventh-straight MAC championship on Wednesday. Six Missouri wrestlers were also picked to win their weight class:

Should be another strong year on the mats for Mizzou.

3. Holy crap I miss Markus Golden.

Glad to see that he’s feeling like himself again!

Without a doubt, Golden was my favorite Missouri player to cover during my time as a beat writer. Love this video.

Yesterday at Rock M

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