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Study Hall: Mizzou 55, Kennesaw State 52


I’m not sure where to start.

I didn’t get to watch the game as I was at work, and it was only available FloHoops. Somehow, we’re all the better for it today.

In case you missed it, the game was bad, but Mizzou still won. Let’s rip off this band-aid quickly.

Team Stats

study hall team stats kennesaw state 2019
  • Point 1: Not only did Mizzou shoot horribly but the game was played at a plodding pace! Huzzah!

I don’t expect this version of the Tigers to crank up the tempo often this season, but this is plodding for even the most methodical of Cuonzo’s plodding teams.

  • Point 2: I might be willing to go on record saying this might be the only time Missouri has ever won a game where they shot 17 percent from 3-point range while their opponent shot 50 percent.
  • Point 3: In a game where so many bricks were tossed up, you’d have hoped Missouri would win the rebounding battle. Instead, they played to a virtual draw.

The BCI was prettier, for sure, but the Tigers are still hesitant and struggling on offense. The 12 turnovers aren’t awful from the perspective of sheer numbers, but they still constituted nearly 20 percent of the Tigers’ possessions. It’s also very high against a team not known for their defense.

Player Stats

Your Trifecta: Kevin Puryear, Jeremiah Tilmon, Mark Smith

study hall player gmsc kennesaw state 2019

This was a game where a senior saved his young team. Kevin Puryear stepped up and made some shots and was the difference in the game. But he’s got to have a little help. Mark Smith’ was bound to come back down to earth, and he was still third in the Adjusted GameScore.

TAKEAWAY: After mixing and matching midway through the first half, Cuonzo shortened the bench with it tight. Once it was clear he wasn’t going to get productive minutes from his freshman, he limited their run: 23 minutes for Pickett, 16 minutes for Watson, and just 5 minutes for Pinson.

study hall player % kennesaw state 2019

The floor percentages are ugly again.

There’s always a lot less to say about a game you didn’t see. But a large part of me is wanting to put this into the Pile O’ Games category and just be happy they won. This was the Tigers worse offensive performance so far — if you strictly look at shooting. Turnovers are also going to be an issue again this season. There’s just too much youth, while the ceiling on Geist is what it is at this point, particularly when we’ve learned he’s nursing a sore back and was a game-time decision.

Missouri is going to be a bad offensive team most nights. The hope is they can defend and rebound well enough to drag most of their opponents down to their level in ugly wins.

Oregon State is up next on Sunday. The Beavers have some skilled offensive players but aren’t known for their hot and heavy defense.

The Tigers will also be underdogs. They’re already projected to lose this game and Bragging Rights in December. For the offense can find its way out of a funk, it’s going to take some guys who haven’t yet found their footing to get a whole lot better — and do it quickly.