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Damarea Crockett really wants to play against Arkansas

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

It’s hard to believe, but Damarea Crockett has yet to play against Arkansas

I know many of you are aware of Crockett being FROM Arkansas, and not getting an offer FROM Arkansas despite being a highly recruited 4-star running back and a coach who liked to run the ball (we’ll always miss you BERT).

So of course with the Battle-Line rivalry closing down we’ve seen Crockett dealing with an injury.

Crockett sprained his right ankle and his left toe when blocking in the first quarter. He’s really, really, really wanting to get back and healthy for this game:

Crockett said he was starting to get flexibility back in his toe. Whether he’ll play this weekend remains to be seen, though Crockett remains optimistic.

For the time being, he’s trying to block out the frustrating fact that he might not get the chance to face Arkansas until next year as a senior. He missed the 2016 game while serving a one-game suspension after an arrest for marijuana possession. He missed last year’s contest in Fayetteville because of a shoulder injury that kept him out for Missouri’s final seven games.

“Not trying to focus on, like, we’re playing Arkansas. And not trying to focus on the fact that I haven’t played them yet,” Crockett said. “That’s bothering me really bad right now. But I’m just trying to swallow that pride and just really go day by day with it.”

Mizzou Wrestling climbs the charts

I know we have a lot of Mizzou Olympic sports fans here at the site, and I do lament we don’t really have the kind of coverage for these sports as we’ve had in the past. I barely know what I’m talking about enough when it comes to football which is something I pay regularly attention to... you really don’t want to hear me try and comment on Softball or Wrestling.

WITH THAT SAID, this is still always really cool to see on the news front. I don’t have to understand wrestling to know that Mizzou is very, very, very good at it.

The Tigers head to Las Vegas for for the Cliff Keen Invitational tournament on November 30th. Over 30 Division I teams will be there including Ohio State, Michigan, Va Tech, and the Tigers.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • Women’s Volleyball takes on LSU tonight at 6pm on ESPNU in their regular season finale. The Tigers are hoping to snap a two match skid, losing to Tennessee and Kentucky. Mizzou beat LSU 3-0 in their first matchup earlier in the season.