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What to make of Mizzou Basketball moving forward

Dive Cuts is back with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris!

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Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts: Thanksgiving Edition! Whether you need your Mizzou Basketball fix, a little escape from friend and family, or you just enjoy this podcast it is here for you! From breaking down the Paradise Jam, looking ahead to what is to come, and what to make of this Mizzou Basketball team moving forward, Sam and Matt cover that and more. Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 – 4:52: Intro, welcome back to Dive Cuts and where does Thanksgiving rank on the Holiday Big Board?

4:53 – 14:55: There was a basketball tournament that just wrapped up. Let’s discuss! Takeaways, overall feelings about it, and how Mizzou performed.

14:56 – 21:03: Not a whole lot to learn from Mizzou after the Paradise Jam, but Mizzou made some strides during it, right?

21:04 – 23:16: Where can Mizzou look to manufacture some points? Watson, Pickett, someone else?

23:17 – 28:00: Mizzou’s schedule lends itself to be able to learn a bit, find some consistency, and get some wins on the schedule.

28:01 – 38:58: What are our expectations for Missouri at this point?

38:59 – 40:40: Let’s look ahead a little bit here.

40:41 – END: Wrap-Up, final thoughts, Dive Cuts will return next week, and more!

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