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It’s going to be Block M Friday for Missouri against Arkansas

Missouri’s Black Friday uniforms give us more reasons to be thankful

The Block M is making another appearance this year, this team being feature in Missouri’s All-Black Friday uniforms.

Let’s take a closer look at those bad boys:

Yes. Yes. More of that. Truly another reason to be thankful, with a Block M helmet that’s similar to what we knew and love, but still a different enough take to make it a modern throwback.

This will be the third time that Missouri brings out the Block M logo this year, and the second in as many weeks. Personally, I think this mix of the Block M and the Oval Tiger (or oversized Tiger) is a nice combination, week-to-week.

With the basketball team featuring the Columns at least somewhat in their new uniforms, I think a similar touch in the future for football would be a nice add, too.