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Missouri finishes season in the College Football Playoff rankings

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

There are 130 FBS teams in College Football, and Missouri just finished the season ranked in the top 25 of their playoff rankings.

Cool, right?

With all the news regarding coaches on the move and programs like North Carolina trying to bring back their glory days by hiring a coach who hasn’t been relevant for a decade, Missouri is likely finalizing a deal to keep their guy in place.

Barry Odom helped steer this program back from the brink in 2015, with all kinds of turmoil engulfing the program both on and off the field, and in three years has them in the top 25. That’s pretty amazing, especially considering it’s just his third year as a head coach.

Some of the rankings are questionable to say the least as Florida is 9th, and we all watched Missouri throttle the Gators. I think UF is a solid football team but ninth? No.

All in all Missouri joined seven other SEC teams in the CFP rankings: Alabama (1), Georgia (4), Florida (9), LSU (10), Kentucky (15), Mississippi State (18), Texas A&M (19), and Missouri (24).

Heckuva a year for the SEC. And also it goes further to prove what I believe to be a pretty average year in College football. I think it’s Alabama, a gap, Clemson, another gap, and then maybe 3-4 teams. Then a group of like 30-40 teams who are all solid. The Tigers two close losses dropped them from probably around 8th or so down to 24th. One more loss and they’re probably like 35th.

Alex Schiffer dives into what it means for the Tigers bowl chances (hint, it’s good news):

The Southeastern Conference had four teams in the top-10 with Alabama at No. 1, Georgia at No. 4, Florida at No. 9 and LSU at No. 10. The ranking is promising for Missouri since it means that the latter two teams are likely heading to the New Year’s 6 bowl games, which improves MU’s chances of getting sent to the Outback or Taxslayer bowls in Florida.

Possibly getting into a Florida bowl is what Missouri wants. It’s very attractive for travelers and the higher profile bowl on a more desirable day is always a positive for a program still in the building stages.

Yesterday at Rock M

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