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This was Mizzou’s best road win since _____?

The Zoukeepers are here to recap a Statement Win for Barry Odom, Drew Lock, and this Missouri Football team.

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NCAA Football: Missouri at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another edition of Zoukeepers with Pete Scantlebury and David Morrison here on Rock M Radio! Nothing like a victory podcast, right? Not a bad showing from Mizzou down in the swamp on Saturday after the heartbreaking loss to Kentucky last weekend. This was a statement win for Barry Odom, Drew Lock, and company and the Zoukeepers are here to break it all down.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 – 6:18: Would you look at that… How about a victory podcast?! What was the biggest surprise from the game against Florida?

6:19 – 11:51: What jumped out about the defensive performance and Cale Garrett has been great this season.

11:52 – 17:51: This is Mizzou’s best road win since ______? And Odom and his staff had a great game to kind of silence those critics, right?

17:52 – 20:53: Daniel Parker Jr. and any other takeaways from this game.

20:54 – 24:45: What is more surprising about Mizzou since joining the SEC: Losing 4 straight to Kentucky or being 4-3 to Florida?

24:46 – 27:12: Of the remaining games, which one is the toughest?

27:13 – END: Final thoughts including will Mizzou end the season 8-4?

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