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The 12th Annual Rock M Nation Bowl Pick ‘Em Contest!

The Sweet Smell of Mediocrity™ is now twelve years old!

College Football Playoff National Championship Media Day Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The bowl pick ‘em returns, and we’ve been at it for twelve years now. It’s that time of year again folks, so here we go!

As usual, for anyone new, we’ll go over the basics. You’re picking every bowl game based on the spread and the over/under. So, for the first game, the Celebration Bowl, North Carolina AT is favored by 7.5. So if you pick them, you’re betting they win by at least that amount. If you pick Alcorn State, you’re betting they win outright or at least come within 7.5 points. We do have one game that’s an even spread (PK) so, obviously, that’s just picking the straight up winner. Spreads/odds were at post time based on’s listings. We’ll still have our actual coin flip entry, it’s all for bragging rights, so have at it. The title game winner and point total are the final two tiebreaker questions.

And as always, this isn’t just an RMN deal. Anyone from the SBN world is sincerely invited to join and play along. The form will allow submissions until noon Saturday, as that’s when the first bowl game kicks off. Good luck, and we’ll have periodic updates as to how the contest is going!