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As Jack Peglow prophesied, we will be an eSports site soon!

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

FACEIT ECS Season 6 Finals Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

If you were a regular listener to the original version of Rock M Radio with me and Jack Peglow you’ll recall he was incredibly prescient when it came to eSports. He spoke often of wanting to turn our podcast into an eSports podcast, a move I resisted at every possible turn.

As it turns out, we might have to make this move soon...

The Times they are a-changing...

Mizzou announced yesterday they’re joining the eSports craze in the fall of 2019 with their first signee, a freshman from Monette, MO:

When Arabella McEntire plays the team-based, multiplayer video game Overwatch next year, she won’t just log in as one of the best players in the nation; she’ll play as a Mizzou Tiger.

McEntire, a freshman majoring in chemistry and health sciences from Monett, Missouri, is MU’s first recruit for a new esports program that will launch next fall. Mizzou is one of the largest universities in the nation to launch such a program by joining the National Association of Collegiate Esports.

Missouri is the first SEC school and second power conference school to start an eSports program, they’re also they second college in COLUMBIA MISSOURI to have an eSports team, since Columbia College added a team a few years ago. Just ask David Morrison about it, he knows!

There’s still time to vote in this amazing poll.

Whether or not esports catches on with the kind of fanbase who would pursue the kinds of click rates we’d need to justify the coverage but the reality is there is a big giant growing fan base out there for esports that I don’t quite understand, but if the world of things I don’t quite understand stopped existing we’d all be in serious trouble (but the amount of basketball on tv would be fantastic).

An update on the Tre Williams fiasco

It looks like the charges will not be brought, according to Brendan Lavell at the ColumbiaMissourian:

A pending second-degree domestic assault charge against current Missouri and former Rock Bridge defensive lineman Tre Williams will not be filed, according to Boone County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Susan Boresi. The paperwork ending the case is expected to be processed by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

“Additional information came forward that made it impossible to prosecute the case,” Boresi said.

Domestic assault charges brought or not it won’t change the decision Barry Odom has before him.

Williams is still suspended, and there is still a chance charges could be brought though it seems unlikely at this stage. The only thing left to figure out would be if Odom is going to give Williams another chance.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • Mizzou offered a 3-star TE from Florida:

Following the offer and subsequent visit from CBC product Niko Hea, it looks like Mizzou will take at least one tight end in this class.