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More news on Tre Williams; a familiar name schedules a visit to Missouri

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. Contrary to reports, Tre Williams’ domestic assault charges have not been dropped.

After an assistant Boone County prosecutor told media on Tuesday evening that the charges against Missouri defensive end Tre Williams were dropped, Boone County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Knight said otherwise on Wednesday afternoon.

It’s been a bizarre 24 hours or so regarding Williams’ charges, but the reporting police officer’s probable cause statement certainly explains why charges are not being dismissed. Those statements, that can be read in detail in the Columbia Tribune’s story linked above, include allegedly choking, slapping and hitting the victim.

An ugly, ugly situation, and this is a good example of why no one should rush to judgment at any time when charges like these are made — even when they appear to be dropped.

2. Nation’s No. 1 JUCO prospect schedules a Missouri official visit.

Big news as former Kansas City (Mo.) Park Hill defensive end Chester Graves — now the nation’s top-ranked junior-college prospect — has scheduled an official visit to Columbia.

Graves would — obviously — be a huge addition to the 2019 class, as he’s an impact, immediate difference-maker on the defensive line. While Missouri is still strong up the middle even without Terry Beckner, Jr., it has not found an difference maker at defensive end (in terms of causing havoc in the backfield, anyway) since Charles Harris left.

Graves would be a very strong band-aid to that problem.

3. December means coaching changes, conference realignment and COLLEGE FOOTBALL EXPANSION talk.

Yesterday was about the latter.

I am conflicted about this. Because, yes, I agree that the CFP should expand. But at the expense of conference championship games? SEC East teams convincing themselves they can beat the SEC West champion (aka Alabama) and then losing, either by blow-out or in soul-crushing fashion — folks, THAT’S SEC football!

One fun thing to see is UCF being ushered under the collective wings of all the non-SEC power brokers to be the ASPCA “Arms of an Angel” commercial of playoff expansion — because you know the Group of 5 schools will get pushed right out the door when an 8-team playoff comes down to a UCF or a Power 5 candidate.

Yesterday at Rock M

Also, I just want it to be known that NACE, the governing body for college es-ports, is affiliated with the NAIA and its office is on my floor so I’ve known about this for a few months now #humblebrag.

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