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The votes are in! eSports are in RockMNation’s future!

We asked, you voted overwhelmingly in favor of esports coverage!

FACEIT ECS Season 6 Finals Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

In case you missed the news a couple days ago: Mizzou announced they’re starting an eSports program and getting ready to set the world on FIRE!

When the news came out we immediately had to ask the question: Should Rock M Nation cover Mizzou’s eSports team?


By an overwhelming majority you said we SHOULD cover Mizzou’s eSports team.

What’s that you say? The “Oh god please no” selection beat the other three by a lot?!

This is like a parliament, because the ‘favorable’ votes got together and formed an alliance and crushed the opposition! ESPORTS IT IS EVERYONE!

Jack Peglow would be proud. Some reactions!

Solid tweet:

You guys are truly, truly, truly amazing.

I’m now accepting applications for head eSports editor.*

*not really — we'll cross that bridge when we get there.