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Mizzou Football enters AP top 25 for first time all season

After a 3-3 start, the Tigers 5-1 finish was enough to jump them into the top 25.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

If there was one last barrier for Mizzou Football this season it was likely to crack the top 25 in a poll. Last week they entered the top 25 in the College Football playoff, this week the Associated Press poll took notice and voted Missouri in at #24.

ap top 25 mizzou football

Shortly after the AP released their poll, the Coaches poll came out and it again left Missouri out. The Tigers are likely more of a victim of how current voting happens which seems to weight in preseason expectations and wins and losses. You’d have a hard time convincing me Boise State, Army, Utah and several others are better than the Tigers, and Bill C’s S&P+ would agree as the Tigers are currently rated 16th in the country in his statistical based ratings.

The College Football Playoff rankings were released sending Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma to the top four playoff, and leaving Georgia and Ohio State out. Missouri meanwhile was again voted into the top 25 for the playoff, last week entering the poll at 24 and this week stayed at their #24 spot.

We should have the news later today on where Missouri is headed for their bowl game. The most likely destinations seem to be either the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville or Liberty Bowl in Memphis.

For the record, Missouri is undefeated this season in Florida, and beat every team from Tennessee they played including a win in Knoxville.