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Merry Christmas, Tiger fans!

Here are your Christmas Day Mizzou Links.

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NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Missouri Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Christmas, Tiger fans!

To be honest, I have little to no idea how to write today’s links post. Most of y’all will probably be absent or sparse on today’s post. It makes me think I could write just about anything I like and get away with it... So I’m just going to fire off a few Christmas takes to see if anyone notices.

  • Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, based on the fundamental limits of genre.
  • If you insist that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, I look forward to meeting the cross section of people who believe that In Bruges is easily the best Christmas movie.
  • Last movie take: A Muppet Christmas Carol is the best adaptation of Charles’ Dickens classic.
  • The Lonely Island’s, “D*** In a Box,” is the best Christmas carol.
  • Fake trees > real trees
  • Every great parent will give their kids coal (as a joke) at least once.

Please direct all complaints to Sam Snelling. Thank you very much! And Merry Christmas!

OK, on the real Mizzou stories

The Mizzou beat was pretty slow today, but there are several noteworthy highlights outside of our fine site:


Tilmon has taken massive strides in his game over the past few weeks, developing into the dominant force most fans expected him to become. He’ll have to prove he can keep up this level of play over longer periods of time, but the slow realization of potential has been tantalizing.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • Not Mizzou related, but both Alabama and Clemson will be (slightly) short-handed in their coming playoff games. It shouldn’t affect the outcomes of the games as both the Tide and Tigers are basically super teams. It’s still an interesting note.
  • Defensive tackle Rashad Brandon has been invited to the FBS Tropical Bowl, a game not unlike the Senior Bowl.
  • Over at The Athletic, Sam Vecenie released his latest Big Board for the 2019 NBA Draft. Jontay Porter is definitely a first round pick if you go by his opinion ($$.)