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Josh Henson reflects on Missouri tenure ahead of Liberty Bowl

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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1. There will be a familiar face for Missouri on the Oklahoma State sideline.

Or the coaches’ box, perhaps — former Missouri offensive coordinator is the Cowboys’ offensive line coach. Dave Matter of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch caught up with Henson, who had some nice things to say about Missouri as he reflected on his tenure in Columbia.

He especially focused on the disastrous 2015 season that was his final with Missouri.

Henson told Matter:

“I remember getting to the end of the season and one of the graduate assistants looked at me one day and said, ‘Coach, you remember when our quarterback got (suspended) in week four and that was a big deal? That doesn’t seem like anything now.’ It just seemed like a snowball effect.”

Matter’s article is (as always) well-worth a full read, especially when it’s about a guy like Josh Henson. Henson was imminently likable and was a talented up-and-comer, and as Matter pointed out, there was talk that he could possible follow in Gary Pinkel’s footsteps after Pinkel left (the talk was before 2015, obviously).

But, in the head, Henson was a casualty of circumstance and his Missouri tenure ended. Glad to see he’s doing well.

2. Missouri signees make USA Today All-Missouri Team.

Three Missouri signees made the 2018 All-USA Missouri Football first-team (Jack Buford, Niko Hea and Martez Manuel) and two more made the second team (Maurice Massey, Arvell Ferguson — who hasn’t signed yet).

Congratulations to those guys!

3. Mike Gundy says the 2008 Oklahoma State-Missouri game was the biggest win of his career.

The Tulsa World takes a look at the game ten years ago that derailed what was supposed to be a magical season for Missouri — and propelled Oklahoma State to unprecedented success under Mike Gundy.

Gundy told the Tulsa World:

“I think that was the biggest win in my career, based on that turning the table for us. We had been really close, but at some point, you have to do something that makes (fans) think, ‘This is going to be something different.’

An interesting read for a really crappy game, for Missouri fans, anyway. I was in my last semester at Missouri and still remember just the utter disappointment of being in the stands for that game. I also may or may not have had more than a few beers in the lead up to that game.

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