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LOOK: Mizzou Football unveils Sailor Tiger helmet for Liberty Bowl

A classic design for a matchup with a classic opponent.

While you were watching Mizzou Basketball dump Morehead State, and probably the first half of the Notre Dame-Clemson playoff matchup, Mizzou Football was doing some things.



First of all, if you aren’t familiar, the ‘Sailor Tiger’ logo came from a former Disney artist named Arthur Evans, from

It is in this time that we find a man named Arthur Evans. He was a former Disney employee who made a name for himself with the Angelus Pacific Co. of Fullerton, CA. Well… sort of. It has been said that he is the most prolific illustrator no one has ever heard of. By 1963, he had penned over 100 logos that spanned many of the biggest name programs in the country. in fact, Angelus Pacific claims to be responsible for designing over 90 percent of college mascots being used at the time.

The all whites uniform is a good one for the Tigers, and the Sailor logo puts a nice cap on the season from a uniform lineup stand point. Time for the Football team to finish off the season with their own stamp by grinding the Oklahoma State Cowboys into the ground on Monday.

A closer look courtesy of @MizzouFootball on twitter: