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Barry Odom gets his payday

Odom gets a raise and an extension after 8-4 regular season

Vanderbilt v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

It didn’t take long for the Missouri Board of Curators to unanimously approve an extension and raise for Barry Odom, fresh off an 8-4 regular season.

Here are the key details in Odom’s new contract:

  • A salary raise to $3.05 million through 2024 (two-year extension)
  • Increased incentive package to $1.8 million
  • Built-in provisions for annual salary increases and contract extensions based upon on-field achievements

While there may be some missing context and incentives, it appears that Odom’s raise will move him from last in the SEC in terms of salary to No. 11, ahead of Ole Miss coach Matt Luke and behind LSU coach Ed Orgeron.

From the release:

“Barry Odom has done an outstanding job of leading the Mizzou Football program the last three seasons and I’m grateful that we are able to reward that success today,” Jim Sterk said. “He is building a championship culture within his program that fosters academic achievement, athletic success and accountability, and I am proud of what he has been able to accomplish during his first three seasons. With this year’s success and the South End Zone facility coming on-line next year, I believe Mizzou Football enjoys great momentum heading into the 2019 season and I look forward to working with Coach Odom to build upon that.”

And here is Barry Odom’s statement from the release:

“I’m excited and thankful to lead our program and student-athletes for years to come,” said Odom. “I have great admiration for our leadership team of President Choi, Chancellor Cartwright and the Board of Curators, and thank them for this opportunity. I’m excited to move forward with Jim Sterk, we have the same vision in building Mizzou Football and providing a platform for our young men to be successful in all aspects of their lives. We have a great staff in place who care about winning the right way and I’m appreciative of their efforts. I’m grateful for our players, and I’m honored to be their coach. I want to give them the very best every single day,” he said.

Here’s the full contract: B. Odom Contract Second Amendment 120518 Signed.pdf